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Alien Report On Visit To Kingslakes

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You won’t know me, my name is Antorus, my alien friends call me “Ant” for short. Last light year I visited a planet I now know to be called Earth. As I approach your planet from outer space my U.F.O. Instrument panel flashed up images of what appeared to many different shaped land masses broken up by a salty weird wet liquid substance.  As my inter Galactic travel craft got closer to your Earth one night, I saw that there were many grouping of bright lights seeming to flicker in the darkness. As I did not know what the creatures on Earth would make of my life-form, I decided to head away from the bright lights towards a section of land in the Northern Hemisphere that was to the bottom left of a craggy shape looking left to a smaller sort of oval landmass.

Being invisible was certainly a bonus as I passed a sign saying “Welcome to Devon” and come in fast over some place called Beaworthy, setting my craft down on some green spongy stuff near a group of small wet areas that I now know to be called lakes. There was a sign at the entrance to the area containing these lakes which said “Kingslakes Fishing Holidays” – whatever that means!

Despite it being fairly dark the sky gradually started getting lighter from the East. It was then I saw these strange animals with two walking poles and two tentacles each walking towards the lakes with what appeared to be two long poles and a rectangular container. Fascinated I hid between some plants (which was unnecessary really given they could not see me) to watch what they were going to do. They spread out and each sat on what appeared to be little jetties around the edge of the wet areas and threw what looked like a long piece of thin string onto the water. Within minutes the bobbing thing on the end of the string started going up and down violently and the tall gangly animals dragged the string towards them. Intrigued I went in for a closer look. On the end of the string were rather funny looking creatures with large funny mouths, scales and flat bits at the other end which were thrashing away. The animals took something I could not see out of the small creatures mouth and then threw it back into the lake.

I stood there hoping that all the inhabitants and creatures of the Earth were as kind and considerate. I spent a while longer looking around the large green coloured site I had by chance chosen for my first Earthly visitation. There were 6 large dwellings by two lakes  that appeared to be made from the same materials that contained a lot of green things. Further on by a wide open flat green area I saw some white coloured dwellings that seemed to be very warm and cosy as some other animals were lying down in them not moving, occasionally slightly stirring. After I got back to my home planet, I told all my friends about this very tranquil, colourful place I had come across on my travels through the Galaxy, that was inhabited by animals and lots of different sorts of smaller creatures, some of which could fly and made funny sounds. If I ever return to planet Earth, I hope that the rest of it is like Kingslakes.

A. Alien – Outer Space


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