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The Perfect “Secret Place”

My Grandfather had searched for somewhere like this for years. Somewhere, where he could prepare dinner whilst keeping an eye on me fishing as a young boy.

Now I have found just that, being able to watch my daughter, 20 yards from the kitchen window safely catching ‘quality fish’, enjoying terrific sport, developing her angling skills and enjoying the wonder of her enlightenment to an awakening of the beauty of mother nature surrounded by the kind of idyllic scenery and wildlife that most true anglers call paradise.

It almost loathes me to tell the world about this perfect secret place I now know of and long to go back to, but it would loath me more to think that I had kept this from lovely people (as anglers generally are) who may be searching like my Grandfather always was. The only thing that disappoints me about Kingslakes is that my Grandfather never had a chance to bring me here.though I’ve no doubt, he led my daughter and I right to it (and perhaps a few of our biggest fish to our hooks). ‘Just Perkick’!

Pete & Daisy, South-East England


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