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Kingslakes Splash Out With Autumn 2019 Lakes Overhaul

Since Kingslakes made Kingfisher Lake their specimen carp lake it unsurprisingly has become much more popular.

However, for such a large lake Kingfisher only had six fishing platforms. The long jetty platforms on the field side of the lake were rotten, in need of replacement and not the most practical to fish from.

The entire left-hand embankment of Kingfisher Lake has now been re-built and five new swims created. The lake edge has been landscaped and planted with 12 different types of aquatic plants.

Kingslakes have also now completed the fence line around the back of the six luxury lakeside lodges, as well as around Jenny Wren Lake and Nuthatch Lake. So far there is no sign of our furry friends the otters and mink, following the completion in 2018 of Kingslakes previous extensive otter fencing programme, so no doubt these animals have moved onto pastures new to find their dinner elsewhere!

Kingslakes have now managed to undertake much needed work to Blackbird Lake. This lake has suffered from serious erosion of the embankments and island over the years, plus years of silt build up. Thankfully due to some extensive renovation and significant investment, both issues have now been solved, with the construction of Nicospan walls around the island and margins of the lake, using the silt to back-fill. The results are impressive, increasing the depth of the lake by 5 to 6 feet across the lake and the perimeter of the island has increased from 25m to 60m.

What is Nicospan I here you say?

Nicospan is a prefabricated, double-weave revetment fabric made from strong ultra-violet stabilised monofilament yarns, heat sealed to form a series of open pockets so that 75mm or 100mm diameter timber posts can be installed. Nicospan is designed specifically for vertical bank protection at the water’s edge of lakes and is ideal where access to the watercourse is limited.

Nicospan is installed on posts driven in at 0.50m to 0.75m centres, dependent on the soil conditions. As Kingslakes have done, these timber posts should be of smooth, machine round softwood and pointed, with a diameter of 75-125mm.

Nicospan is placed over the first anchor post which is then driven in to refusal. The Nicospan is then unrolled along the eroded length of bank, stretched by 2% and another post is then placed through the Nicospan pocket at the relevant centre and driven in as above. Further posts are then placed at appropriate centres along the Nicospan and driven into place.

It is an ecologically sound option as vegetation can be encouraged by either sowing grass seed in the soil on top of the bank immediately behind the Nicospan and then covering with erosion control matting or pre-established coir fibre pallets to increase protection and enhance the appearance of the slope. Kingslakes has invested in refurbishing its lakes as it is more or less an all-year round residential fishing holiday centre which has a well-established reputation for offering anglers a wide variety of fishing options for those who enjoy catching one or more different types of fresh water fish.


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