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Our marvellous mirror carp are making a splash

Kingslakes is very happy to announce that we have three brilliant new arrivals to one of our lakes! We have recently acquired three gorgeous mirror carp who will reside in our Kingfisher Lake. Kingfisher Lake holds our largest quantity of carp and we hope our mirror carp enjoy their new home. The mirror carp make excellent additions to Kingslakes as they weigh around 22 lbs each! We are always enthusiastic whenever we hear our guests sharing stories about our lakes and fishing.  The response so far regarding our three new additions has been fantastic.

About mirror carp

There are many features of the mirror carp that make them interesting specimens. Mirror carp are closely related to the common carp and are both biologically and visually similar. The mirror carp is most distinguishable from the common carp by markings and scale patterns. The mirror carp has several large and distinctive scales which have reflective properties and resemble small misshapen mirrors. In some cases, the mirror carp has been recorded weighing in excess of 60 lbs making it a mighty catch! Due to their large size and popularity mirror carp often help anglers reach new heights and beat their personal bests. Perhaps our new additions who weigh around 22 lbs each could help you land your biggest catch yet.

Share your success

At Kingslakes we love hearing from our guests! We have pages on Facebook and Twitter where we post information about our lakes and fishing and keep our followers up to date with the latest happenings from around Kingslakes. You are always welcome to get involved with the discussion and it would be great if you shared a picture from your holiday with us on our social media. We hope you enjoy exploring our lakes and we look forward to hearing about your fabulous catches.

In addition to the new mirror carp, our seven lakes offer a great range of fish. You can find a variety of fish across our lakes including specimen carp, crucians, trout, and chub. Our lakes provide great residents only fishing opportunities and quality fishing experiences for anglers of all levels.

You can read more about lakes and fishing at Kingslakes here.


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