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The Metcalfe Family Fishing Competition

Alec Metcalfe: “The competition took place on the Carp Lake. The competitors were Abbey aged 13, George aged 15 and Mark aged 17. The competition kicked off at 2 and finished at 5:30 with a lunch break lasting 15 minutes. I headed down on my mobility scooter which was lent to me free of charge for the full 2 weeks in which I was there which was a great help for me. We all fished on the right hand side (rocky bank) of the Carp Lake. All 3 competitors were eager to win and i think the prize money helped for 1st place the prize was £7.00, 2nd place £5.00 and 3rd £2.50 and then also a extra £5.00 for the biggest fish caught. The winner was Abbey with a total of 321lb worth of fish and 2nd place George with a total of 250lb and 3rd Mark with a total of 131lb worth of fish. Abbey won the biggest fish of the day which was 10.8lb.”

George: “At the start of the competition I used squid flavoured boilies. I quickly realised that the fish were not interested in my bait. So i changed to pellets that immediately attracted the fish and produced a good result. I carried on using these pellets until the end of the day and they were a great success. There were stages if the competition where i had 2 lines on the go both with fish on so as you can tell it was a very active day which was very enjoyable.”

Mark: “I started the competition using 1 rod on boilies and the other on pellets. I had my first fish on boilies and then immediately changed both rods to boilies, i regret making this decision as I think pellets would have been a more successful option and caught more fish. Even though i came last I still had a enjoyable day and there is always next year!”

Abbey: “I chose the option of bread and on this day it worked the best! The fish were all round my peg and I was catching every cast. I was constantly baiting up my area and keeping the fish interested and around my peg and my method worked as i caught 5 10lb fish. It was a very fun and exciting day and i cant wait for next year!!”

Many thanks,

Alec Metcalfe and Family, Coventry


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