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Most Relaxing Holiday I Have Ever Had

Just got back from one of the most relaxing holidays I have ever had. The place I stayed at was Kingslakes at Highampton, just of the road between Hatherleigh and Holsworthy. The site is geared for fishing holidays with seven lakes to choose from and if carp are your quarry you could not find a better place as the fish are jumping out of the water asking to be caught. There are two lakes containing tench but although advertised the mixed lake only really offers carp due to their abundance which put me off a bit as I like variety but the new management are looking to alter the fishing to create a much better experience for the variety angler such as myself.

For less able bodied anglers I would suggest one of the two bedroom lodges as they are all on one floor and very close to the lakes. The wildlife is fantastic and the bird feeders I put up were visited by amongst other birds coal tits, jays, nuthatches and greater spotted woodpeckers as well as a sparrow hawk who was more interested in what was feeding on the nuts and seeds. The costs for this holiday were very reasonable and cheaper than similar sites in the area so take a look at their internet site.

Andy Williams, Neston, Cheshire


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