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Weekly Catch Report

Weekly catch report from Kingslakes’ resident fish expert Andrew 

Weekly Catch Report 4th – 10th October

Heavy rain at the beginning of the week caused the water temperature to drop over 4 degrees which made the fishing slow to begin with but improved with more settled conditions after Tuesday.

Kingfisher’s carp were still feeding well off the top with some anglers taking up to 6 fish a day on floating bread with the best being 16lbs 2oz. Proving a little tricky on the bottom but still a few bites to small beds of boilies and a scattering of hempseed.

Kitchen lake roach and bream were fishing well on float fished maggots and caster with both species being caught over a pound. The carp were a little slower due to the rain but fish to over 8lbs had been caught on the method feeder.

Jenny Wren’s tench slowed up this week with the best fish being a 4lb 5oz female caught float fishing maggots. One of six fish landed at first light. The crucians are still active with fish from 4oz to a pound coming out close to the lily pads.

Nuthatch Lake fished well this week with most of the species present coming out again to maggots with testing conditions. Bream to 3lbs and perch to over a pound being the best for the week.

Woodpecker Lake’s roach and perch fed well in the colder water conditions with plenty of fish from 6oz to 12oz coming out on chopped worm.

Blackbird’s carp are still active and feeding well with pva bags of pellets and maggots doing the business this week. The best of the fish going 14lb 8oz.

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Weekly Catch Report 27th – 3rd October

Overcast dull days for most of the week with heavy spells of rain causing challenging fishing conditions at times. Kingfisher still producing a few fish this week with plenty coming out to soild pva bags and method feeder tactics. There are still quite a few fish coming out off the top to those who are willing to feed consistently and wait for the window of opportunity. Best fish going 15lb 6oz.

Kitchen lake has fished steady this week with some good quality roach and tench coming out to float fished maggots. The carp have been feeding well at the back of the island with fish to over 8lbs being banked of float or feeder fished 8mm pellets.

Jenny Wren’s tench are still coming out with fish to 5lb plus on float fished worm and caster. There have also been some quality crucians out to 1lb 2oz.

Nuthatch Lake continues to produce some fantastic sport of mixed species. With 2 chub coming out this week 3lb 12oz and 4lb 6oz. Worm and maggots fished in conjunction with micro pellets seems to be the most successful method.

Woodpecker’s tench and crucians have been making an appearance this week with the tench going to over 3lbs and plenty of crucians from 8oz to 1lb 8oz. Maggotts and caster doing the business for most of the anglers.

Blackbird Lake’s carp have fed well this week with over 30 fish in the week to one angler, who almost had the lake to himself. Fish from 7lbs to 12lb 4oz were taken on the method feeder.

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Weekly Catch Report (20th – 26th September ) 

Beautiful warm Indian summer conditions all week with highs of 22 degrees. Certainly bought the fishing on.

Kingfisher Lake continues to produce plenty of bites to those fishing close to cover and close in to the margins. With plenty of carp between 7 and 16lbs this week. The method feeder doing the business for most with small 8mm pellet hook baits.

Kitchen Lake has fished a little slower this week but those who used the weather to their advantage caught some beautiful carp to just under 10lbs. Floater fishing tactics proving very successful this week.

Jenny Wren’s better stamp of fish have been gracing the bank this week. With tench of over 5lbs being reported. Float fished maggots and worms doing the business.

Nuthatch Lake has produced quality mixed bags to those that have fished it this week with a quality perch of 2lb 7oz being the pick of them. Worm and maggots fished in conjunction with micro pellets seems to be the most successful method.

Woodpecker Lake is fishing well with plenty of tench, crucians and roach coming out plus the odd bonus bream. Feeder and float fished maggots seem to be the go to methods and bait.

Blackbird Lake’s carp are still feeding well to those who were persistent. Solid pva bags of boilie crumb and high attract pop ups have produced well this week.

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Weekly Catch Report 13th – 19th September

Dry and warm conditions for most of the week with light cloud cover at times.

Kingfisher Lake has been fishing very well this week with countless double figured carp to just under 17lbs. Soild pva bags fished with 15mm boilie hook baits have proved the most successful tactic.

Kitchen Lake has been producing some quality roach this week with the best going 1lb 8oz. Simple float tactics with maggot and caster hook baits have been producing well.

Jenny Wren’s tench are beginning to slow down in numbers being caught but the average stamp of fish are certainly rising with several fish over over 3lbs out this week with the best pushing 4lb 10oz.

Nuthatch has produced some beautiful roach and crucians this week to over a pound plus plenty of other species.

Woodpecker has produced some quality crucians to 1lb 4oz this week and tench to over 3lbs. Float fished meat and maggot hook baits have done the business.

Blackbird’s carp have fed heavy this week with the best catch being 14 fish in a day with 9 of them being over 10lbs. Free lined luncheon meat fished down the margins proved very successful.

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Weekly Catch Report 23rd – 29th August

Cloudy conditions most of the week with a warm westerly wind has improved the fishing across the whole site.

Kingfisher’s carp are beginning to feed hard again with many anglers catching between 4 to 10 carp a day. Many are falling to surface fishing tactics with good old faithful bread doing the business. Those wanting a more static approach are also doing well on method feeders and over small beds of boilies fished close to the islands. Best fish of the week being a 16lb 4oz mirror.

Kitchen lake has fished very well this week with multiple carp and tench gracing the bank. Three anglers managed 17 carp between them over a short session to just over 10lbs. Method feeder with pellet or corn hook baits doing the business for most.

Jenny Wren continues to produce some quality tench sport with fish from 8oz to 3lbs being taken on float fished luncheon meat. The crucian carp are still feeding hard and once feeding off the smaller ones fish very close to a pond are now starting to show on maggot and worm fished hook baits.

Nuthatch has been producing some lovely roach and bream this week with the best bream going 4lb 10oz. Float fished pellets over micro pellets seems to be doing well at present.

Woodpecker’s tench have been feeding hard this week with one angler taking 14 in a day to just over 2lbs. Feeder fished worm near the lilly pads proved to be the successful tactic of the day.

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Weekly Catch Report 26th July – 1st August

A complete change in weather conditions with heavy rain showers and ever changing air pressure has meant tricky fishing conditions.

Kingfisher lake has been slow this week with a few anglers still catching with the go to tactic being solid pva bags fished close to the margins. Pellet hook baits and fishmeal boilies have been most successful.

Blackbird Lake’s carp have also been proving tricky this week with the mobile angler catching the most amount of fish. Fee lining pellet and worm hook baits working well whilst stalking in the edge.

Kitchen lake continues to fish well for short periods of the day. When action slows up a quick move is producing more fish. Simple cage feeder or method feeder tactics fished near marginal cover with pellet and worm hook baits are proving best.

Jenny Wren lake has produced some beautiful tench this week with several fish between 1 and 2lbs. The crucians are also coming out thick and fast to float fished maggots.

Nuthatch lake is on fire this week with countless tench, crucians and barbel gracing the nets of several anglers. Float fished pellets and small cubes of luncheon meat proving to be the most successful method.

Woodpecker lake continues to fish consistently with pellet, maggots and meat being the best baits. Float fishing near the lilies or near margin trees being the best areas.

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