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Animals at Kingslakes

We encourage all of our guests to visit our furry friends in their own beautiful homes at Kingslakes. Jack our Shetland pony and our four goats Smartie, Minstrels, Wispa and Twirl have become particularly friendly through the fences. Jack’s naughty neighbours are very social and enjoy a nice cuddle in the morning and at night, they also enjoy socialising with our Alpacas Jasmine, Sidney, Prudence and Al. All of our alpacas look forward to a morning snack of carrots and apple however they begrudgingly share these with the lovely donkeys Arthur and Henry. Henry and Arthur are very playful and enjoy running around their spacious field and trying to sneak into their food cupboard for an extra snack. Visit our shop for fresh eggs from the Kingslakes chickens.

Jack is our miniature Shetland pony, Arthur and Henry are our donkeys and Minstrel and Smartie are our Anglo-Nubian goats. There are literally dozens of ducks and squirrels throughout the 40 acres of countryside and lakes. We have many chickens too that are laying fresh eggs daily, plus for special interest Kingslakes is also home to several Alpaca’s.

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