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Weekly Catch Report

Weekly catch report from Kingslakes’ resident fish expert Andrew 


1st – 7th May

Water temperatures increasing this week has got the fish feeding well.

Blackbirds carp have been feeding hard with 15 doubles out to over 12lbs. Quite a few high singles have also been caught. Method feeder with 8 and 10mm pellet hook baits. Plus just straight boilie fishing are working well.

Nuthatchs has been producing some beautiful tench this week and a few quality roach to over a pound. Float fishing maggots and worm producing well.

Jenny wrens tench have been feeding hard with over 120 fish out this week. A combination of hemp, pellets, maggots and worm doing the business. Best fish a 4lb 12oz female.

Kitchen still fishing very well with both carp and tench coming out consistently. 2-6mm pellets as loose feed with 8mm hook baits are taking a lot of fish.

Kingfisher has produced some stunning scaley mirrors this week with fish to over 18lbs. Beds of mainline cell and link producing well.


17th to 23rd April.

Another mixed week of weather with sunshine and showers

Blackbirds carp have been really feeding hard in the shallow water this week but proving tricky to catch. Small twicks to anglers set ups has produced some amazing catches with multiple doubles to over 14lbs. Pellets and boilies doing the business

Nuthatchs tench and crucians are starting to show well with the crucians now averaging 10oz for the most part. Soft hook pellets, worm and maggot hook baits working well.

Jenny wren has produced over 100 tench this week to 4lb 12oz. Float and feeder tactics working well with worm hook baits taking the vast majority.

Kitchens carp are feeding well with over 200lbs out this week. 10 to 25 fish a day have been reported with a few doubles. Again most of the fish coming from the margins to pellets.

Woodpecker has produced some beautiful roach and crucian this week. Some anglers having 50 plus fish a day. Float fished maggot and hemp working well.

Kingfisher has produced yet more low doubles this week with fish to over 13lbs. Some stunning fully scales fish.


10th to 16th April

Sunshine the vast majority of the week.

Blackbird produced some beautiful scaley mirrors this week to just over 14lbs with lots of high singles as well. Small beds of pellets and hemp are working well.

Nuthatch continues to fish well with plenty of tench and roach coming out. Float and feeder fished maggots and worm taking several fish.

Jenny wren is showing some early season form with over 50 fish coming out in the week. Averaging 2 to 3lbs. Float fished worm and pellets doing the business.

Kitchens silvers have been feeding well with bream and tench over a pound. Loads of beautiful carp have been coming out of the margins on pellet hook baits.

Woodpecker has produced some quality bream and tench to over 3lbs plus plenty of roach to just under a pound.

Kingfisher has picked up this week with 8 doubles to 15lbs coming out to soild pva bags fished with boilie crumb.


The first catch report of the 2023 season 3rd to 9th April.

With the weather changeable all week it doesn’t seem to of affected the early season fishing.

Blackbird has produced some beautiful scaley mirrors this week to just over 11lbs. Solid bag and method feeder seems to be the most productive method.

Nuthatch is fishing well with all species present coming to the bank. (barbel, chub, roach, rudd, tench, crucians, perch, bream) float fished maggots and worm doing the business.

Jenny wren is showing some early season form with most anglers having 6 to 12 tench a day. Best fish of the week a 5lb 8oz stunner.

Kitchen has been fishing very consistent with the carp feeding really well. Method feeders doing most of the fish to just over 14lbs.

Woodpeckers roach are feeding really well with anglers having over 50 in a short few hours. Best fish going just under a pound.

Kingfisher is the slowest lake to wake up with a cold start to spring but solid bags and small beds of bait have worked well for those who have put the time in. Best fish going just under 14lbs



Weekly Catch Report 8th – 14th August

Kingfisher Lake has slowed down this week with the extreme heat through the day.  But those who have fished first thing have managed to catch a few with fish to 13lb 8oz being banked.

Kitchen Lake has still produced some quality silver sport despite the hot weather with bream, tench and roach being taken of over a pound on float fished bread and corn.

Jenny Wren has produced some beautiful tench this week with plenty of 2 to 4lb specimens.  Pellets and corn being the most productive baits.

Blackbird’s carp are feeding well with plenty of fish coming out to the method feeder and small wafter hook baits.

Nuthatch has fished a little slower this week but has produced most of its action in the early hours of the morning with tench being the most obliging species.

Woodpecker has produced some stunning tench to 4lbs this week and bream to over 5lbs, the method feeder with pellet of corn hook baits.


Weekly Catch Report 1st – 7th August

Kingfisher’s carp have slowed down during the heat of the day but are feeding in short spells early morning or late evening.  Still plenty of quality doubles coming out between 12 to 14lbs.

Kitchen Lake has fished well this week especially the silvers in the warm conditions. Maggots and worm again doing the most bites. The carp are still willing to take a floater before the weather gets too hot.

Jenny Wren lake is still fishing well with plenty of tench coming to maggots and caster.  The crucians are still hungry with some pushing a pound out on float fished hookable pellets.

Blackbird’s carp are feeding well with plenty of singles out this week and the odd double to 12lbs. Pellets and small white and pink pop ups doing really well.

Nuthatch Lake’s barbel and tench have been dominating the species out this week with the barbel having nearly doubled in size from when they went in.

Woodpecker Lake has produced some beautiful roach this week, with the best going 1lb 8oz. Still plenty of crucians and tench coming out.


Weekly Catch Report 25th – 31st July

Kingfisher Lake’s carp have been feeding hard with large beds of pellets and boilies doing well and taking quite a few doubles. Stalking with worms is picking a few bonus fish for those finding the coloured water in close.

Kitchen’s carp have been feeding very well this week with plenty of fish coming to the method feeder with waffter hook baits. The best being 13lb 12oz.

Jenny Wren’s larger tench have been making appearances this week. With fish to just under 7lb coming out to float fished worm over hempseed.

Blackbird’s carp are feeding well with fish from 7 to 10lbs being caught less than a rod length out. Method feeder and spraying pellets over the top has been working well.

Nuthatch has had some beautiful bream and tench caught this week to over 3lbs. with float fished corn and meat doing the business.

Woodpecker has picked up this week with countless tench and crucians coming out plus plenty of small perch.


Weekly Catch Report 18th – 24th July

Kingfisher’s carp have still been enjoying the sun, with early mornings and late evenings still being productive.

Fish to just under 18lbs this week, to small beds of boilies.

Kitchen Lake’s carp and silvers have been coming out regularly this week with carp to just under 8lbs. There were plenty of bream and roach coming out to maggots.

Jenny Wren is still fishing well with plenty of tench coming to float fished paste and corn. With the crucians taking maggots and worm for consistent bites.

Blackbird’s carp are still being banked with regular frequency. Beds of pellets and boilies doing the vast majority of bites with the best being a 13lb 4oz mirror carp.

Nuthatch has fished well with barbel making regular appearances to float fished worm down the edges. Plenty of silvers and tench came out to maggots.

Woodpecker Lake was fishing a little slower than nuthatch but with maggots and worms bites are normally quick to come by.


Weekly Catch Report 9th – 15th May

Overcast conditions for most of the week with a strong easterly wind made fishing tricky at times.

Kingfisher’s carp were being a little difficult to catch this week despite them feeding hard at times. Still over 25 fish were caught to just over 14lbs. Small beds of Mainline Banoffee boilies produced some beautiful fish.

Kitchen Lake has produced some quality tench fishing this week with fish to over 3lbs coming out to float fished maggots. The carp were also obliging with the best fish being taken off the surface on mixers to just under 12lbs.

Jenny Wren has had a load of weed removed this week and the disturbance has put the fish on the feed with 50 plus tench coming out to over 4lbs. Float fished worm and maggots over hempseed has been working well.

The carp in Blackbird Lake are still feeding heavy but didn’t get fished much this week. Still 15 fish came out to just over 13lbs. Beds of pellets in the margins has been producing some lovely fish.

Nuthatch has produced some quality roach and tench recently with a few large bream to over 3lbs. Float fished paste and maggots producing the better fish.

Woodpecker Lake continues to chuck up some quality roach and tench. Float fished sweetcorn over hempseed being the best method.


Weekly Catch Report 2nd – 8th May

Sunny most of the week with the odd overcast day and warm winds has improved the fishing this week.

Kingfisher continues to produce some quality fish with plenty of double to 15lb plus coming out. Still small quantities of boilies and pellets doing the business fished close to the margins.

Kitchen has produced some beautiful roach and skimmers this week as well as plenty of carp to just over 10lbs. Float fished corn and maggots being the favourite methods.

Jenny Wren’s tench have been blowing hot and cold with certain parts of the day fishing well and others looking like the lake is devoid of fish. Plenty of 2lb plus fish coming to float fished worm and maggots fished over 2mm pellets.

Blackbird Lake’s carp are still feeding well with plenty of mid to high singles coming out to small beds of pellets fished tight in the margins.

Nuthatch Lake’s bream have been coming out this week with fish to over 4lbs. Still some quality roach and a few crucians pushing a pound. Corn and maggots doing well at the moment.

Woodpecker has produced some lovely tench this week with the odd decent perch to over a pound. Float fished worm over hemp seems to be the favoured method.

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