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Bird feed is always widely available and the feeders are replenished each week to ensure we keep our feathered friends happy. Over 47 varieties of bird make their home at Kingslakes every year including the rare Great Spotted Woodpecker, Nuthatch, and Field Thrush. And whilst there is no traffic noise at Kingslakes you will usually hear, and maybe even spot, the owls at night. The local pheasants are very tame and will come to your patio door looking for their breakfast, some will even eat from your hand. Buzzards can frequently be seen soaring above or perching on fence posts.

Our younger guests will enjoy looking for glow worms which can be seen in the summer, along the side of the path by the wood and keep an eye out for bats at dusk, swooping over the lakes searching for insects. Depending on the time of year ( and how quiet you are ) you may also see deer and foxes. Wild rabbits play and run around the lawns and fields too.

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