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Fishing Rules

• Fishing is for residents only.
• A current rod licence must be held for all anglers aged 12 and over.
• Barbless hooks to be used only.
• Maximum of 2 rods per angler to be used at any one time.
• All nets and mats must be dipped on arrival and before fishing. The dipping tank is situated beside the shop.
• No keep nets.
• No braided main lines.
• Unhooking mats must be used. (Available to hire or buy in the on-site shop.)
• Strictly no standing whilst holding any fish.
• All fish must be returned into the lake they are caught from.
• No rods to be left unattended in the water.
• Children must be accompanied by an adult and supervised when fishing.
• No bait or tackle to be taken in or around the accommodation. (A locked tackle shed with fridges for bait, racks for rods and room for general gear is provided free of charge.)
• Bivvies or shelters can only be used where there is ample space for other people to be able to pass them and walk around the lake freely.
• No radios around the lakes. Mobile phones to be used only with consideration for others.
• We ask all fishing guests to use Klinik antiseptic (or similar) this is available on site.

Woodpecker, Jenny Wren, Nuthatch and Kitchen Lake

• Minimum of 4lb mainline and hook links.
• No fixed leads of bent hook rigs.
• Minimum of a 20 inch landing net to be used.
• Minimum pole elastic (size 3 solid).

Kingfisher Lake

• Minimum of 10lb mainline.
• Strictly no pole fishing.
• Minimum of a 36 inch landing net (can be hired or bought if you do not have).

Blackbird Lake

• Minimum of 10lb mainline.
• Minimum of a 36 inch landing net (can be hired or bought if you do not have).
• If pole fishing a minimum of a size 12 elastic must be used.