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We have begun works on the new lakes

We are delighted to share this exciting news!

The addition of these new fishing lakes complements the existing range of amenities and activities available to visitors at Kingslakes. Whether guests choose to spend a active day fishing, explore the hiking trails, or indulge in the array of local activities on offer, our luxury holiday retreat is dedicated to providing a memorable experience for all.

As we begin the construction of the new fishing lakes, the anticipation for a remarkable angling adventure grows. Surrounded by the beauty of the Devon countryside, the new lakes promise unforgettable moments for anglers of all skill levels. With our commitment to an unwavering focus on guest satisfaction, we continue to establish ourselves as an ideal destination for those seeking both relaxation and adventure in equal measure. So pack your fishing gear and get ready to enjoy these new lakes, where the joy of angling meets the wonders of nature.


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