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New Facilities at Kingslakes

We are excited to announce that our reception, the shop and our clubhouse are ready, so now you’ll be able to receive a warm welcome at our dedicated reception area, reception is no longer at the farm house.

We’ve updated our map of the site, so you can easily locate our camping area, with its showers, washing-up and laundry room, the lakeside lodges and the cottages, completely refurbished for a comfortable stay in Devon.

On our map (below) you will also find the plan of our six fishing lakes plus stock pond, now with the fish species that you can find in each one of them, so you can plan your relaxing and nice day out in nature, with a fishing session and a stroll in our beautiful 40acres of Devon countryside with the family.

So, whether you are a first-time visitor, or you are coming back to Kingslakes, we want you to feel comfortable and give you the chance to create good memories with your friends and family. And for those who can’t be there you can take a piece of Devon back home with you, straight from our shop full of handcrafted and local produce.

In our shop you can also find your essentials for your self-catering holiday, but if you don’t feel like cooking we invite you to our clubhouse, we have a full new menu of delicious plates, like our 8oz rump steak with tomato, mushrooms, peas, onion rings and chips, the full rack of BBQ ribs with peas and chips or our avocado and peanut burger in a brioche bun accompanied with chips and salad. And on the drinks side we have it all covered with our range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and coffees.



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